Six Month Smiles in Fayetteville NC

Short term orthodontics like Six Month Smiles allow us to quickly straighten the teeth at the front of your mouth. Because they don’t alter the function of the back teeth, these “fast” braces are considered to be simply cosmetic in nature.

Most of our Six Month Smiles patients complete their treatment in 6-9 months, with moderate visible improvement after just the first 2-3 months. It’s a fairly affordable option that can have a significant impact on the way your smile looks when you talk or laugh. Clear brackets and wires are available!

Six Month Smiles FAQ

Does it really take 6 months to straighten my teeth?
6 months is the average treatment time and is not a guarantee. Treatment times range from 4 to 9 months. More complex cases may take up to 9 months or even longer in rare situations.

What do they look like?
The brackets are ceramic and the wires are coated to blend in with the natural color of your teeth. These braces are more cosmetic in nature than traditional braces.

Which patients are candidates?
Patients that just want to improve the appearance of the teeth that show when they smile and do not have any significant bite or jaw discrepancy issues are considered good candidates for 6 month smiles braces.

Is there an age limit?
We can start treatment as early as age 15. There is no maximum age limit. Patients in their 70s have been successfully treated with 6 month smiles!

What is the process?

  1. Schedule your initial consultation. We will let you know if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles or if other orthodontic options may be better for you.
  2. If you are considered to be a candidate for 6 month smiles, you will need to have a comprehensive exam with x-rays to make sure you don’t have any dental conditions that need to be addressed first.
  3. After we’ve determined that you are in good oral health, we will schedule your impressions!
  4. Your brackets will return to our office in approximately 2 weeks.
  5. You will be contacted for the bonding of your brackets and to start the journey.
  6. You will return to our office once a month for your adjustments and wire changes.
  7. After your treatment has been completed, we will remove your braces and fabricate your retainers.

Do I have to wear my retainers and for how long?
Yes, retainers are necessary if you wish to keep your teeth straight. This is a lifetime commitment.

Do braces hurt?
It is normal to experience some soreness especially in the first few days following your wire change. We recommend taking Tylenol for relief. Moderate – severe pain, swelling, spontaneous pain that wakes you up at night, pain that requires narcotics are not normal and should not be expected.

Will Six Month Smiles cause damage to my teeth, roots or gums?
Since we use very light forces to move your teeth. There is no increased risk of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional braces.

Do I have to pay for the treatment upfront?
No. After you make your down payment, you have the option to pay off your balance in 6 months or 9 months interest-free. We have other financing options for patients that require lower monthly payments.

Will there be an additional charge if my treatment takes longer than 6 months?
No. Your fee does not change no matter how long your treatment takes.

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