Braces & Orthodontics in Fayetteville NC

A straighter smile makes it easier for you to care for your oral health and feel good about the way that you look. At O2 Dental Group, our Fayetteville dentists provide in-house orthodontic therapy and braces so that you can enjoy the smile that you deserve.

Six Month Smiles

orthodontist fayetteville, ncShort term orthodontics like Six Month Smiles allow us to quickly straighten the teeth at the front of your mouth. Because they don’t alter the function of the back teeth, these “fast” braces are considered to be simply cosmetic in nature.

Most of our Six Month Smiles patients complete their treatment in 6-9 months, with moderate visible improvement after just the first 2-3 months. It’s a fairly affordable option that can have a significant impact on the way your smile looks when you talk or laugh. Clear brackets and wires are available!

For more information, visit our Six Month Smiles page.

Invisalign Braces

If you prefer not to wear fixed orthodontics, Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth without impacting your lifestyle.

The removable aligners are easy to maintain and allow you to eat whatever you want. You simply wear your alignment trays for 20-22 hours a day (taking them out during meals or to brush and floss) and change them out every two weeks to progress your tooth movement. Depending on the severity of your bite, most people complete treatment in 12-18 months.

For more information, visit our Invisalign page.

Affording Your Braces

Many dental insurance plans will cover a portion of your orthodontic treatment. Other people may prefer to make low monthly payments through our convenient financing plan.

Flexibility To Fit Your Busy Schedule

Our Fayetteville dentist office makes it easy to work clear braces into your schedule. With extended morning, evening, and weekend hours, just about anyone can make the time to stop by for a quick check every 6 to 8 weeks. Call O2 Dental Group of Fayetteville today to schedule an orthodontic evaluation for you or your teen!

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