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Maybe you are looking forward to seeing your newly straightened smile after years of wearing traditional braces. You will surely get there after completing your orthodontic treatment. But for now, isn’t it wise to start doing something for a successful result in the long run? Braces are fixed on the teeth. Once you failed to...

As the year 2018 closes, you might want to get ready to start anew this 2019. Aside from making a list of goals and resolutions for a better “you” this new year, you should also focus on giving your oral health a boost. If you failed to end the last day of 2018 feasting to...

Traditional braces are an “old but gold” type of orthodontic treatment. While it is considered one of the oldest options in straightening the teeth, many dentists still prefer traditional braces as it is most effective in treating extreme teeth and bite issues. One of the advantages of traditional braces is that when compared to other...

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